Lunch Menu…


Vegetable pasta


Beef Bolognaise pasta


Jacket potato with tuna sweetcorn mayo


served with sweetcorn and peas.

Iced sponge or fruit


Priory pizza and potatoe wedges


Honey & Soy chicken and rice


served with sweetcorn and peas.

Jelly and fruit


Cheese & chive swirls


Roast chicken and sage & onion stuffing


served with roast potatoes, carrots, and roast parsnips.

Apple crumble & custard or fruit


Quorn sausages


Sherfield sausages


Veggie bean cake


served with broccoli, baked beans, and a roll or mash.

Lemon spice slices or fruit


Vegetable chilli and rice

Breaded fish and chips

served chips, sweetcorn and peas.

Chocolate cake with chocolate sauce, or fruit

Next Week…


Y2 trip to the Hawk Conservancy

Y3 trip to QMC

12:30 – 13:00 : Linguatastic French club
13:00 – 15:00 : Guitar lessons
15:20 – 16:15 : Chess Club
15:20 – 16:20 : Gardening Club
15:15 – 18:00 : The Oaks childcare


13:00 – 15:00 : Guitar Lessons
15:15 – 15:45 : Drumming Lessons
15:20 – 16:15 : Tag Rugby Club
15:20 – 16:20 : Gardening Club
15:20 – 16:20 : Fun Club
15:15 – 18:00 : The Oaks childcare


12:00 – 15:15 : Piano Lessons
10:00 – 14:00 : Flute Lessons
12:00 – 12:30 : Percussion Club Y6
14:15 – 15:00: NO Rugby training
15:30 – 16:30 : Netball/Basketball Club
15:30 – 16:30 : Drumming lessons
15:15 – 18:00 : The Oaks childcare



08.30 – 11.30 : Maths on the Move
09:00 – 15:15 : Piano Lessons
15:15 – 16:15 : Construction Club (YR, Y1, Y2)
15:20 – 16:20 : Drama Club
15:20 – 16:30 : Hockey Club
15:20 – 16:15 : Y6 SATs Club
15:15 – 18:00 : The Oaks childcare


08.30 – 11.30 : Rocksteady Rehearsals
14:40 – 15:00 : Star of Wonder Assembly
15:30 – 16:30 : Dodgeball with curveball coaching
15:15 – 18:00 : The Oaks childcare
15:20 – 16:30 – KS2 “Stay and Play” on the Adventure Trail, for Y3-6.

Dates for your diary…


What better way to cap off an amazing year of sports at The Priory than with a fabulous brand new look for Sports Day!  This academic year has seen more children than ever before from all year groups representing and competing for our school across a range of different sports in our local area. Whatever the year group, sport or venue these events all have a single unifying theme – teamwork, co-operation and sportsmanship. Our reinvigorated sports day reflects these school values and our school vision, and allows the children of The Priory to demonstrate to our community how important these values are and what an incredible example all children at our school set when working together as a team.

The Priory Sports Day 2024 Itinerary 

Teamwork, Co-operation and Sportsmanship

Session 1 These events happen simultaneously

KS1 Track – Relay running races.  Class house teams will race each other on an obstacle course designed by the children (and their teachers!).

KS2 Field – Classes will rotate around 4 throwing and jumping events scoring points for their house team.

The all important snack break!

Session 2 – These events happen simultaneously

KS2 Track – Each class will compete in a house team sprint relay AND a house team hurdles relay.

KS1 Field – Classes will rotate around 3 throwing and jumping events scoring points for their house team.

We’re not giving away all our Sports Day secrets here though, so you’ll need to keep an eye out on the day for our olympics style opening ceremony (one to rival Paris no doubt!) and strangely clad (but very special!) teamwork and sportsmanship mascots!  At The Priory we are passionate about every child having access to an active and healthy lifestyle and giving ALL children access to inclusive, positive and fun sporting experiences – so please do come and be part of the team and support our Sports Day!

Sports day will happen in the morning (exact start time TBC) and will end with the awarding of the trophy before everyone enjoys their usual picnic lunch at around 12pm. If you would like to volunteer as a helper for Sports Day please contact the school office – thank you for your teamwork! 😊

No long distance races I hear you cry? 

Oh yes there are!  Years 1-6 will compete in a new school long distance event on Wednesday 12th June at around 2pm (exact start time TBC). Check in to the newsletter next week for more details.

Headteacher Update…

Dear Parents and Carers

End of Key Stage tests

Next week, across the country, Year 6 pupils will be taking part in the End of Key Stage 2 tests (commonly known as SATs). Our Year 6 team has been preparing the pupils for these tests which are an important benchmark for both themselves and the school. Our main aim as a school, however, is to prepare our pupils for their transition to secondary education. Our curriculum progressively builds the knowledge and skills that the pupils need to take them onto the next key stage, whether it’s from Reception to Year 1, or Year 6 onto Year 7. 

We are very proud of our Year 6 pupils who have continued to work hard all year. Term 3 is a mixture of finishing the curriculum, along with lots of fun events and a week-long residential trip!

Stay & Play

We are pleased to announce that following the success of our first two Stay & Play sessions, we are developing this into a weekly (Friday) event. For safety reasons we will still need to run this with a KS1 or KS2 focus, but siblings will always be allowed to attend. 

Refreshments will be available. Whilst Mrs Clitheroe can continue to bake a tray of cakes on Fridays, we are kindly requesting that parents in year groups take it in turns to provide a few cakes each week. 

We appreciate the support of our class parent reps to help co-ordinate the following schedule:

Stay and Play date Key Stage Stay and Play Class for cakes
Friday 17th May KS2 Year 3
Friday 24th May KS1 Year R
Half Term
Friday 7th June KS1 Year 1
Friday 14th June KS2 Year 4
Friday 21st June KS1 Year 2
Friday 28th June KS2 Year 5
Friday 5th July  KS1 Year R
Friday 12th July KS2 Year 6

If any parents are able to help at these community events, please let the office know. Any help is greatly appreciated.

House Points…




Sports News…

Inspirational Sports Assembly Series

We are beyond excited to announce our second confirmation for the June Festival of Sport assemblies – Age Group World Champion Triathlete and Cyclocrosser Kate Robson!  Kate is a Priory parent (Isla YR5 & Cohen YR3), a hardworking primary teacher and a leader in her sports fields – where does she find the time!  We’ll find out this June!

Star of Wonder & Special Mentions

Star of Wonder Awards

YEAR R: Sebby, Paige, Aaria and Hannah

YEAR 1: Charlotte, Oliver and Xanthe

YEAR 2: Charlotte, Thomas, Layla and Evie-May

YEAR 3: Arthur, Lilah, Louis and Heidi

YEAR 4: Jolie, Joey and Alannah

YEAR 5: Elsie, Isla and Adam

YEAR 6: Clemmie, James and Belle

Special Mention to...

Two superstar siblings who ran an impressive 3k and raised a whopping £430 for the Azaylia Foundation.  An incredible achievement for an important cause.  The Azaylia Foundation aims to support families and provide memorable experiences for children fighting cancer.  We’re very proud of Teddy and Paige.

News from Year R…

What have we been learning about in Year R this week?

It has been a lovely Sunny week and we have all been very excited to explore the change in weather when playing in our outside area. As well as going outside at breaktimes and lunchtimes Year R do also use their outdoor area throughout the day so please do make sure that your child comes into school with suncream on, a sun hat and a water bottle. We will of course make sure they are drinking plenty of water and have regular breaks out of the sun when it is hot.

We have continued with our ‘People who help us’ topic and been learning about lots of different jobs including paramedics, doctors, police and firemen. The children were all very interested to discuss how the different people help us and the different vehicles they might all use. We looked at photos of some different vehicles, including a fire engine, police car, ambulance, air ambulance and coastguard boat. We also matched the vehicles to their correct job.

The children have also enjoyed playing in the ‘hospital’ role play area this week where they have been busy listening to heartbeats with a stethoscope, using bandages and looking at X-ray photos.

In Maths the children have been looking at sharing items. The children explored the total number of items and worked out how they could share them out fairly between 2 people. They also looked at scenarios when they couldn’t share all items fairly as there was an odd one out. They concluded that you could cut the object in half or add/take away 1 object to make it fair.

Next week:

As we have been discussing people who help us and the different jobs that they do, we are going to be talking about different jobs that the children might like to do when they grow up. The children will discuss it first and will also complete some writing about this too.

In Maths we will be looking at the story ‘Bean Thirteen’ and focusing on odd and even numbers. They will be using different objects and working out how they can work out if they have an odd or an even number. The children will also be exploring doubling. They will be making doubles using objects e.g. they have 2 Duplo pieces, can they double it? The children will also practise instant recall of double numbers e.g. double 2 is 4.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year R team

News from the PTA…


Safeguarding and Wellbeing

At School 

With increasing concerns around what our children and young people are accessing online, in this week’s section we are again highlighting the filtering and monitoring requirements that we comply with at school. Recently adopted and updated software – SENSO Cloud – enables us to monitor every website, app and online interaction made by any pupil or member of staff that logs into our IT systems.  In order to protect everyone, this then alerts us to any ‘critical and urgent’ violations as well as enabling us to undertake regular monitoring of all activity across a day/week.  Therefore, if any of our children search for or try to access any potentially harmful content the system takes a record of this and alerts our DSLs to the issue.  This ensures that we can investigate any concerns and therefore check that the children have not accessed or been impacted by any inappropriate or harmful content.

As a school we have the back-up of expert IT providers to set up the required filtering and monitoring processes to avoid children having access to harmful, extremist or terrorist materials. At home the onus is on parents to ensure that their children and young people’s access is safe.

At Home

As always the NSPCC is an excellent source of information when, as parents and carers, you are trying to ensure that your online access at home is as secure as possible.

The link here will take you to the NSPCC’s page which contains guides on setting up parental controls across a range of devices, apps and other online services. With the long Summer holidays approaching and the increased opportunities that children may have to be online, then ensuring that your parental controls are set appropriately is crucial to protect your children and young people when they are online at home.

Online Monitoring 

As part of the national requirements for safeguarding pupils in schools (Keeping Children Safe in Education), we monitor the pupils’ online activity on the school internet. Our monitoring system is set up to flag any potential issues with:

  • Bullying
  • Self harming
  • Extremism
  • Pornography 
  • Violence/harm to others

This is monitored by our Safeguarding Leads, Mrs Adams and Mr Walsh. 

So, if, for example, a child typed a word linked to one of the categories above into a search engine, it would be flagged on our monitoring system and would be followed up with the pupil to ensure they were safe. If we had any concerns, we would contact the child’s parents. 

Our internet is very secure and has a firewall to ensure no inappropriate images or content is accessible to pupils, but the system above adds an extra layer of protection.

Summer Camp information…

Summer Clubs

Please note that there will be two new summer camps running at The Priory this summer and The Oaks will continue to run their summer club at Mortimer St Mary’s.

Curveball Club information and sign up…


All starting from  Tuesday 23rd April. 

Tag Rugby Tuesdays

YR to Y3

Y4 to Y6

Basketball Wednesdays

Netball Wednesdays

Hockey Thursdays

YR to Y3

Y4 to Y6

DodgeBall Fridays

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