Next Week…


12:30 – 13:00 : Liguatastic French Club Y1-Y2
13:00 – 15:00 : Guitar lesson
15:20 – 16:20 : Gardening Club
15:20 – 16:30 : GOL Football
15:15 – 18:00 : The Oaks childcare


PYJAMA DAY for a £1 donation to the school.

12:30 – 15:30 : Athletics Area Finals

13:00 – 15:00 :  Guitar Lessons
15:15 – 16:15 : Drumming Lessons
15:20 – 16:20 : Tag Rugby
15:20 – 16:20 : Gardening Club
15:30 – 16:15 : Fun Club
15:15 – 18:00 : The Oaks childcare


10:00 – 15:15 : Piano Lessons
10:00 – 14:00 : Flute Lessons
12:00 – 12:30 :  Percussion Club Y6
14:15 – 15:00: Tag Rugby Training with Zack
15:30 – 16:30 : Drumming lessons
15:30 – 16:30 : Netball / Basketball Club
15:15 – 18:00 : The Oaks childcare


#LotsOfSocks to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day
please support this by coming to school in colourful/odd socks. 

15:00 – 17:00 : Tag Rugby Match @ Bramley School

08.30 – 11.30 : Maths on the Move
11:00 – 15:15 : Piano Lessons
15:20 – 16:30 : Hockey Club
15:20 – 16:20 : Drama Club
15:30 – 16:15 : Y6 SATs Club with Mr Walsh
15:15 – 18:00 : The Oaks childcare


9.30am : Rocksteady Concert

14:40 – 15:15 : Star of Wonder Assembly
15:15 – 16:20 : Dodgeball Club
15:15 – 18:00 : The Oaks childcare

Dates for your Diary…

Tuesday 19th March

We’ll be on Easter holidays for the National Pyjama Day (6th April), so we thought we’d bring it forward! 

National Pyjama Day might just be the comfiest, coziest day of the year. 

We’re asking for a small donation of £1 to the school, for the pleasure of wearing your fave PJs for the day. 

Tuesday 21st March

As a school supported by Stepping Stones through the LETS Go! outreach service, we would like to invite children and staff to join us in celebrating  World Down Syndrome Day this year by wearing colourful and odd socks on the 21st March 2024

What is World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) and Why #LotsOfSocks?

WDSD is on the 21st of March, symbolising the triplication of the 21st chromosome associated with Down syndrome. To celebrate, people wear #LotsOfSocks – brightly coloured, mismatched socks representing the uniqueness of chromosomes under a microscope. People with Down syndrome have three of the 21st chromosome, making them extra special.  If you would like to donate, please head directly to their JustGiving page, by clicking here

Wednesday 27th March

KS1 Easter Performance: Rise & Shine

There will be 2 performances, one in the morning at 10.30am and one in the afternoon at 2.15pm

Instructions for how to book have been sent out by email.  Please book your tickets directly with the school office, by emailing

Lunch Menu…


Cheesy pasta with bread roll,

Fish fingers and diced potatoes,

served with sweetcorn and peas.

Syrup sponge and custard, Ice cream or fruit


Priory pizza,

Chicken curry and rice,

served with sweetcorn and green beans.

Jelly, grapes, or fruit


Vegetable Hot Pot and Yorkshire pudding,

Roast chicken and sage & onion stuffing,

served with roast potatoes, carrots, and roast parsnips.

Apple crumble & custard or fruit


Jacket potato with cheese & beans

Chicken goujons and vegetable rice with BBQ sauce

served with green beans and sweetcorn.

Pear sponge, ice cream or fruit


Italian veggie Cottage pie,

Breaded fish

served chips, sweetcorn and peas.

Cookies or fruit

House Points…




Sports News…


On Wednesday 14th March our netball team competed in the area finals of the U11 Bee Netball league for Basingstoke.  Having been placed in a really challenging pool, all our players did themselves proud to come 5th in the pool and then win their 5th place play off.  It was an afternoon of high level netball for their age group and they played against teams of older, and often considerably taller, players. Despite this they worked hard, stuck together and demonstrated their resilience, skills, team ethos and sheer determination to do their very best. They competed fairly, with an excellent understanding of the rules and tactics, and most of all they continued to smile and have fun in a sport that they are growing to love. We are so proud of each and every one of them whether they played or supported on the day, as they had all worked hard to qualify for this highly competitive event. Well done Priory Netball Team and thank you to all of the parents who have supported them along the way.

A special thank you must go to Mrs Northcote, who has volunteered her time to coach the children come rain or shine. From starting with a small group of keen and enthusiastic children who had never played competitive netball before,  she has helped them reach this event and to experience the success that they have had along the way.

Here’s to next year! Well done team.

KS1 Football Champs

Well done to these Year 1 and 2 students who represented The Priory at the KS1 football festival at The Vyne school on Friday 15th March. 

They played very well, winning nearly all of their matches and had a great time doing so. 

A special thank you must go to Mrs Northcote, who has volunteered her time to coach the children come rain or shine. From starting with a small group of keen and enthusiastic children who had never played competitive netball before,  she has helped them reach this event and to experience the success that they have had along the way.

Here’s to next year! Well done team.

Star of Wonder & Special Mentions

Star of Wonder Awards

YEAR R: Ese, Annie and Arlo

YEAR 1: Oliver, Sophia, Caleb and Olivia

YEAR 2: Theo, Dabira and Sofia

YEAR 3: Coen, Jasper, Daniel and Sofia

YEAR 4: Tilly, Sophia and Eliza


YEAR 6: Freya and Max

Special Mentions to…

To one of our Y5 stars, for coming first in a 40cm horse riding event and coming third in the team event for 50cm.

To two more Y5 stars, for achieving outstanding results in their modern tap and ballet dance exams.

Also to one of our Y4 champions, who won the Isabel Smith Cup at the Basingstoke Music and Arts Festival on the 10th March, Pianoforte.

News from Year R…

What have we been learning about in Year R this week?

The start of the week we had our first school trip to Beale Park. The children were very well behaved throughout their visit and they all had a wonderful time. We were very lucky to have a dry day too! Thank you also to the parent volunteers who joined us on our trip.

The children saw lots of different animals at Beale Park so we decided to make some animal sock puppets for the rest of the week. We have created a lovely display of these just outside our classroom in our peg area (seen in the photo). The children have all had a lovely time making these. They had some inspiration from looking at different photos of animal sock puppets. They then chose their own animal they wanted to make and used different materials to make them. Thank you to everyone who brought in the spare socks for us to use for this activity.

In Maths the children have been practising recall of number bonds to 5 and 10. One of the Early Learning Goals is for children to be able to instantly recall all number bonds to 5, and some to 10. The children have also been ordering numbers to 10 and focusing on recognising these numbers too.

Next week:

The children will be exploring a new text, still linked to the topic of Africa. They will listen to the story of Handa’s Surprise, make some craft fruit baskets and write about the fruit that the different animals picked.

The children will also be considering the different fruit in the story and ordering them according to their size from smallest to biggest.

In Maths the children will become more familiar with numbers beyond 10 and will explore the pattern of numbers to 20 and beyond. They will focus on the numbers 11,12,13 initially and explore each number by saying each number and use 1 to 1 correspondence to count items of 11,12 or 13. The children will also become familiar with the pattern of the numbers 11,12,13 e.g. 12 is made up of 1 ten and 2 more.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year R team


Safeguarding and Wellbeing

Keeping Safe …… Online Safety resources for parents and children.

In light of today’s news headlines from the UK’s Communication Watchdogs relating to the extent of harmful (violent/sexualised) online content being viewed by our Primary aged children, today’s section provides further resources for parents, carers and professionals around keeping our young children safe online.

A new publication will be available soon to support parents and carers and professionals to help children to begin to understand the ideas around online safety and the choices, decisions and risks that they face. If you are interested in this, you can register your interest at


The INEQE online safety centre offers a wealth of information about a wide range of online platforms. You are able to find out how to best protect your child from a range of risks  as the site tells you how to block, disable or secure platforms so that they can be accessed safely and monitored by parents and carers.


Main Online Safety section from the NSPCC –

Parent Guides

Resources for parents with children with SEND

Reporting concerns

Key actions to take if you have a concern that a child is in danger, may suffer harm and maltreatment…


  • If you fear that a child is in immediate danger CALL 999 and report the concern
  • IF YOU HAVE CONCERNS AND YOU ARE NOT SURE WHAT YOU SHOULD DO – report your concerns to the DSL and team at school

Alternative options – as a member of the public you can report a concern to Hampshire’s Child Protection Services directly – information about the services is available here – this site provides useful information and learning about a range of abuse as well as what will happen when concerns are reported –

If you are a member of the public and wish to report any welfare/safeguarding concerns DIRECTLY TO CHILDREN’S SERVICES:- you can complete Hampshire’s online form here: online enquiry form

You can report a concern over the telephone and via email –

Phone 0300 555 1384   
Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 5pm
Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm

Email     Please note: Emails are dealt with during normal office hours Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. At other times phone our out of hours number.      

Out of hours – Out of hours contact telephone number for Children’s Services Phone 0300 555 1373 


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