Upcoming Events

Monday 22nd May

9am-12pm Bikability- Year 6
3.15pm-4.15pm Netball Club year 4-6
3.15pm- 4.15pm Percussion club
3.15pm-4.30pm Gol Football Club

Tuesday 23rd May

9am-12pm Bikability- Year 6
1-3pm Guitar lessons
3.15- 3.45- Drumming lessons
3.15-4.15pm YR3 Tag Ruby Club
3.15-4.30pm Gardening Club
3.15pm-4.15pm- Board Games and Puzzles club (Yrs R, 1 and 2)
3.15-6pm-The Oaks after school club

Wednesday 24th May

9am-12pm- Bikability Year 6
1-3.30pm- Piano lessons
1pm- Flute lessons
3.30pm- 4.30pm- Drumming lessons
3.15-6pm—The Oaks after school club

Thursday 25th May

9.30am-1.30pm- School Open day 
9am-12pm Bikability Year 6
3.30pm Osmington Bay presentation for year  6 parents
9am-3.15pm First Aid training- Year R- 6. 
3.30-4.30pm Drama club
3 .15-4.15pm Y4-6 Tag Rugby Club
3.15-6pm—The Oaks after school club

Friday 26th May

3pm-3.15pm Year 3 Recycled sculpture pop up art gallery
8.30-11am- Rocksteady
2.40 pm- Awards assembly
3.15-4.30pm- Multi Sports club
3.15-4.15pm- Singing Club (Yrs 3,4,5 and 6)
3.15-6pm—The Oaks after school club

Menu this week


Vegetable Pasta

Beef Bolognaise pasta

Fish Cakes & Saute Potatoes



Iced Sponge




Priory Pizza

Chicken Curry & Rice


Green Beans



Vegetable Diamonds

Roast Turkey with
Sage & Onion

Roast Potatoes
Roast Parsnips

Apple Crumble
& Custard
Ice Cream


Jacket Potato with Cheese & Beans

Chicken Wrap

Veggie Wrap



Ice Cream




Veg Stir Fry & Rice

Breaded Fish & Chips

Mince & Onion Pie



Priory Sponge


Headteacher Update

Last week we sent a list of forthcoming dates out. There were some provisional dates as well and these are confirmed or changed as follows:

Provisional dates

  • Osmington Bay Information Session for Parents Thursday 25th May 3.30pm
  • Year 6 End of year Production – Main Performance; Friday 14th July 6pm (changed from original date)
  • Year 5 and 6 Parent Information Session with Coram Life for RSE (Relationship and Sex Education) workshops Monday 5.30pm via zoom, Student workshops on 13th June.


Our Year 6 pupils are looking forward to bringing their bikes in next week to do bikeability which includes 2 levels of certification. Although the vast majority of our students cannot cycle to school due to distance or safety, it is still a very useful skill to have. Hopefully all of our pupils at the Priory will be able to cycle and take part in bikeability when they get to Year 6.

Food waste

Well done to Teddy and Jake from the Eco Council, who give up a bit of their time every day to weigh the waste that is thrown away during lunchtime. They are doing this to collect data which will help form part of an Eco Council project to reduce food waste across the school.

House Points…




Safeguarding and Wellbeing

AI and ChatGPT …. What Is ChatGPT and Is It Safe for Kids?

The development of AI is increasing at an astonishing rate with high profile tech companies pouring billions of dollars into powerful online chatbots thus finding new ways to integrate them into our daily lives and more significantly, into the lives of our children.

The question to ask is, are our children ready for this?

ChatGPT, the AI  language model from OpenAI, has been in the news since late 2022, given its ability to instantly respond to complex questions,  write poetry, generate code and  translate languages, among other tasks, all within seconds. GPT-4, the latest version introduced in mid-March, can even respond to images. Many companies have followed suit in launching their own A.I. chatbots, including Google with ‘Bard.’

However, despite these instant, impressive and endless abilities the information that can be accessed can also serve up harmful content, inaccurate information and unhelpful stereotypes and biases. In a world where ‘fake news’ is rife, A.I. can also be capable of providing convincing information and responses that are both lacking in fact and turn out to be completely made up.

As parents and school educators we should be open to exploring this technology alongside our children and young people in order to work together to think critically about the strengths and weaknesses of this technology, so that we can support our children in its safe and sensible use.

Tips on exploring and testing this technology with children as a family –

Experiment togetherset up an account with one of the providers – explain to your child that a Chatbot is a type of machine that uses information it finds on the internet to answer questions – then ‘play’ with the bot, ask it a question and compare the information to answers found on traditional search engine, let your child’s curiosity ask a bot a fun and creative question like coming up with a poem in the style of their favourite popstar etc.

Talk about how the Chatbot makes you feel – responses can be very human-like  in their interactions, explain to children that this is a machine, even when the bots respond with ‘I’ and give impressions of having their own emotions and personalities.

Become familiar with the technology and how it works – the technology is incredibly complex, but can be explained to children and young people in terms of a network that is a mathematical system that takes in and analyses huge amounts of information and data from lots of sources – so it may not always use the most reliable information.

Staying informed about new developments in A.I. – as many of the major platforms such as Google, Leta, Instagram and WhatsApp all incorporate A.I. into their products it is an area that will continue to grow and become more connected to our lives. A.I. is fast becoming a feature in schools, particularly for older year groups. As a result, the need to understand what it is, where it is developing and its implications for children, parents and schools both now and in the future is significant.

Interesting articles and information to read for further information, views, opinions and advice relating to A.I and children’s safety.

For a comprehensive guide for parents in terms of getting the most out of A.I safely see  – a PDF copy of the guidance at


or go to the website –



Specific article and information about ChatGPT and its safety implications


Further reading and websites




Reception Year News

What have we been learning about in Year R this week?

This week the children have been learning about different sea animals. They have found out some interesting facts and really enjoyed learning about different sea animals. The children also had a great time playing a game to guess the sea animal that was being described.

The children enjoyed making a seaside scene and adding different items you might see on the beach and in the sea. They have also enjoyed making a jellyfish paper plate craft. Some of their art can be seen in the photos below.

In Maths the children have been learning the basics of division by sharing out and grouping different numbers of objects.

In PE the children have begun practising for our upcoming sports day. This week they have practised running races. They all enjoyed running and also cheering on their friends when they were running.

Next week:

The children will be thinking of some interesting words to describe different sea animals. They will also write a description of a chosen sea animal using some of these words.

In Maths the children will be exploring odd and even numbers. They will also be playing games in pairs where they need to give and follow instructions. For example, one child will build a model using the multilink cubes. They need to give detailed instructions to their partner to build the same model. To make this harder the child’s model will be hidden so the partner has to listen carefully to the instructions given. We will let you know how they all get on with this activity next week!

Have a lovely half term and enjoy the rest.

The Year R Team

PTA News


Reminder to all that the Summer Celebration will be taking place on 8th July from 1pm-4pm! More details to come!

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