Upcoming Events

Monday 19th June

Yr. 2 QMC Science Centre Visit 
1.30-3pm- Piano
3.15pm-4.15pm Netball Club year 4-6
3.15pm- 4.15pm Percussion club
3.15pm-4.30pm Gol Football Club
3.15pm-4.15pm- Gardening Club
3.15-6pm-The Oaks after school club

Tuesday 20th June

1.30pm- Y6 Swimming
1-3pm Guitar lessons
3.15- 3.45- Drumming lessons
3.15-4.15pm YR3 Tag Ruby Club
3.15-4.30pm Gardening Club
3.15pm-4.15pm- Board Games and Puzzles club (Yrs R, 1 and 2)
3.15-6pm-The Oaks after school club

Wednesday 21st June

Yr.3 Ewhurst Park Trip 
11.30am – Piano lessons
1pm- Flute lessons
3.30pm- 4.30pm- Drumming lessons
3.15-6pm—The Oaks after school club

Thursday 22nd June

Yr. 1 QMC Science Visit 
3.30-4.30pm Drama club
3 .15-4.15pm Y4-6 Tag Rugby Club
3.15-6pm—The Oaks after school club

Friday 23rd June

8.30-11am- Rocksteady
2.40 pm- Awards assembly
3.15-4.30pm- Multi Sports club
3.15-4.15pm- Singing Club (Yrs 3,4,5 and 6)
3.15-6pm—The Oaks after school club

Menu this week


Vegetable Pasta

Beef Bolognaise Pasta

Fish Cakes & Saute Potatoes



Iced Sponge




Priory Pizza & Potato Wedges

Chicken Curry & Rice


Green Beans



Vegetable Diamonds

Roast Turkey with
Sage & Onion

Roast Potatoes
Roast Parsnips

Apple Crumble
& Custard
Ice Cream


Jacket Potato with Cheese & Beans

Chicken Wrap

Veggie Wrap



Ice Cream




Veg Stir Fry & Rice

Breaded Fish & Chips

Mince and Onion Pie



Priory Sponge



Phonics Screening Check 

Well done to our pupils in Year 1 and Year 4 for completing the phonics and multiplication checks respectively this week. Our Year 1s do phonics almost every day so the check was not too different for them. The Y4s had to complete multiplication questions under timed conditions. They did really well and some of the children did their best ever. Phonics and multiplication underpin so many other aspects of the English and Maths curriculum, so regular practice at school and home makes a big difference. 

Ice Lollies

Thank you to Mrs Price for buying ice lollies to help all of the children (and staff) cool down in the hot weather this week. 

Y5-6 Relationships and Sex Education

Year 5 and 6 had the opportunity to learn from Julia Ship,  a specialist from the Coram Life Education group about Relationships and Sex Education. This unit comes at the end of a whole learning journey through Primary of understanding different relationships. The statutory guidance from the government can be found here. An extract is below:

The focus in primary school should be on teaching the fundamental building blocks and characteristics of positive relationships, with particular reference to friendships, family relationships, and relationships with other children and with adults.

This starts with pupils being taught about what a relationship is, what friendship is, what family means and who the people are who can support them. From the beginning of primary school, building on early education, pupils should be taught how to take turns, how to treat each other with kindness, consideration and respect, the importance of honesty and truthfulness, permission seeking and giving, and the concept of personal privacy.

Establishing personal space and boundaries, showing respect and understanding the differences between appropriate and inappropriate or unsafe physical, and other, contact – these are the forerunners of teaching about consent, which takes place at secondary.

Respect for others should be taught in an age-appropriate way, in terms of understanding one’s own and others’ boundaries in play, in negotiations about space, toys, books, resources and so on.

From the beginning, teachers should talk explicitly about the features of healthy friendships, family relationships and other relationships which young children are likely to encounter. Drawing attention to these in a range of contexts should enable pupils to form a strong early understanding of the features of relationships that are likely to lead to happiness and security. This will also help them to recognise any less positive relationships when they encounter them.The principles of positive relationships also apply online especially as, by the end of primary school, many children will already be using the internet.

House Points…





Understanding Consent amongst Young People                                                           

Following on from the Year 5 and Year 6 PSHE workshops at school this week, where the students were discussing growing and changing in relation to puberty, relationships and respect. As part of both year 5 and 6 sessions, everything discussed was presented within the context of respect and consent.

All of our young individuals face a multitude of challenges in navigating relationships whilst keeping themselves and others safe. It is crucial the adults in their life equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to establish and respect boundaries.

Understanding general consent/sexual consent goes beyond a simple “yes” or “no.” It encompasses the ability to give consent freely and willingly, without any form of coercion, pressure, or manipulation. Consent should be enthusiastic, informed, and ongoing, ensuring that both parties involved are fully aware and engaged in the experience.

Unfortunately, misconceptions and misunderstandings about consent persist among young people, leading to harmful consequences. This is why education and open dialogue are paramount. By fostering discussions around consent, we can empower young individuals to recognise and assert their boundaries, while also promoting respect for the boundaries of others.

The providers at INEQE SAFEGUARDING are offering a webinar for parents and carers about Consent/Sexual Consent so that the adults can feel fully informed in supporting their young people.. (Cost £25) https://ineqe.com/products/consent-understanding-sexual-consent-among-young-people/

They also have a really useful eye catching resource poster  with concepts of consent explained in an accessible way for young people.

Star of Wonder & Special Mentions

This Weeks Stars of Wonder

Year R 

Charlotte, Lottie and Naeve

Year 1

Oscar, Otega and Layla

Year 2

Charlie and Finley

Year 3

Daisy, Orson, Alex and Arthur

Year 4

Evelyn, Henry and  Harry B

Year 5

Alexander, Casper and Charlie

Year 6

Thomas, Arabella and Mollie

Congratulations to all! 


Reception Year News

What have we been learning about in Year R this week?

We had an exciting beginning to our week with our ‘Farm Day’. The children enjoyed making some animal headbands, painted some farmyards and farm animals and enjoyed playing animal games with the parachute. Although we were sad to not have our original plan of farm animals the children were not disappointed. They all got to meet some chicks and had the opportunity to handle them and also got to meet a dog. Thank you to Lou Kirby and Elin Best for offering their time to achieve this. The class all had a lovely time with the animals and it was a wonderful experience to begin our farm topic.

The children have also had the opportunity to taste different vegetables that may be grown on a farm and have also done some observational drawings of peppers, garlic and radishes. The children also did some printing using apples carrots and potatoes cut into shapes and made some wonderful repeating patterns.

In Maths the children have been using Cuisenaire rods, which are a set of rods of various colours and lengths that each represent a different number. They have used the rods to see how a number can be represented in different ways.

Next week:

It is International week across the school next week. Each class have a specific country/continent that they will be learning about and year R will be learning about ‘Italy’. We will be exploring the map and flag of Italy and will be specifically looking at some of the famous landmarks. The children will also have the opportunity to speak to a parent of a child in our class who is originally from Italy. The children may even come home saying some Italian phrases!

As part of International week the children will be tasting some Italian food. A separate letter has been sent about this. Please return the permission form so that your child can join in with this exciting opportunity.

In PSHE the children will be learning about seasons and life cycles. We will be linking this to the story ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and discussing the life cycle of a butterfly. If you are growing any plants at home please do share photos on Tapestry and keep us informed of how it grows.

Have a lovely weekend

The Year R Team

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