Upcoming Events

Monday 13th November

ODD SOCK DAY for anti-bullying week 

8.50am- House Point Assembly
12.30pm-1pm Linguatastic French Club
1-3pm Guitar Lessons with Adele
3.15pm-4.30pm Gol Football Club
3.15pm-4.15pm- Gardening Club
3.15pm-4.15pm- Christmas craft club (Foundation and KS1 only)
3.15-6pm-The Oaks after school club

Tuesday 14th November

1-3pm Guitar Lessons
3.15- 3.45- Drumming lessons
3.15-4.15pm YR3 Tag Ruby Club with Curveball coaching
3.15-4.15pm Gardening Club
3.15-6pm-The Oaks after school club

Wednesday 15th November

11am – Piano lessons
1pm- Flute lessons
12-12.30pm Percussion Club Y6
2-2.45pm Tag Rigby Training with Zack
3.30pm- 4.30pm- Drumming lessons
2.40pm- Singing Assembly
3.20pm-4.20pm- KS1 multi-skills with Curveball Coaching
3.15-6pm—The Oaks after school club

Thursday 16th November

Tag Rugby Match Vs Burnham Copse

11am-3.15pm- Piano Lessons
3.20-4.20pm Drama club
3.20-4.15pm-Lego Club
3.20-4.15pm- Choir Club
3 .15-4.15pm Hockey with Curveball Coaching
3.15-6pm—The Oaks after school club

Friday 17th November

School Movie Night 3.15pm-5.15pm 

8.30-11am- Rocksteady
2.40 pm- Awards assembly
KS2 Dodgeball with Curveball Coaching
3.15-6pm—The Oaks after school club

Menu for w/c 13th November 2023


Cheesy Pasta & Roll

Fish Fingers & Diced Potatoes



Syrup sponge & custard or Ice Cream or Fruit


Priory Pizza & Potato Wedges

Chicken Curry & Rice

Green Beans


Jelly or Grapes or Fruit


Vegetable Hot Pot & Yorkshire Pudding

Roast Chicken with
Sage & Onion

Roast Potatoes
Roast Parsnips

Apple Crumble & Custard or Ice Cream or Fruit


Jacket Potato Cheese & Beans

Chicken Goujons & Vegetable Rice with BBQ Sauce

Green Beans


Pear Sponge or Ice Cream or Fruit


Italian Veggie Cottage Pie

Breaded Fish & Chips



Cookies or Fruit


Dear Parents and Carers

Remembrance Sunday 

Thank you to all of you who have brought poppies and poppy appeal bands etc from school. We have raised lots of money to donate to the Royal British Legion. 

Please be aware the following Rememberance services are happening if you would like to attend:

  • St Andrew’s, SSJ – Service at 10am – Children are welcome to attend in uniform and lay a wreath.
  • All Saints’, Monk Sherborne – Meet at the Village Hall at 10.40 to walk to the memorial. Children are welcome to attend in uniform and lay a small wooden cross.

Film Night

This event has been planned for Friday 17th November. Parents should have received a communication about this along with sign-up details. 

The two films being shown will be 

KS1 – Up

KS2 – Elemental

If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please check your emails ior contact the school office at office@priory.hants.sch.uk. 

To all of our families celebrating this event this Sunday

World Science Day

Today is World Science Day focusing on the theme of Peace and Development. We have celebrated this by learning about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs, sometimes called the Global Goals – picture above).

Each class took part in a session to focus on one of the SDGs, and there were other exciting science activities going on today, like the Y1 and 5 big coke/mentos explosion (see reaction photo below), talks from visiting scientific parents, and the science gadget shop which was run very ably by the house captains.

Year 1 and 5 coke-mentos explosion

Thanks Mr Vivian for teaching us about the Synchotron

Year 4 learning about fair trade

Year 3 learning about earthquake proof engineering

If people were unable to purchase Science Day stock today, please do not worry, we do still have some outstanding stock and this will be available for you to purchase on Monday from the school office.

House Points…





At school we would love it if everyone could wear odd socks on Monday to celebrate how important it is to recognise that we are all unique and special! We will be using a range of resources from the anti-bullying website to raise awareness with the children and we will also have a focus on kindness with our main activity being a virtual kindness workshop that the whole school will be involved in on Tuesday morning. This also fits in perfectly with our current units in PSHE, where the focus is on valuing difference.

If you are interested in finding out more about about the week and how you can get your own workplaces involved then go to the anti bullying website –


To end the week we will also be raising awareness for Children In Need Day on Friday 17th, with the children being able to wear the Children In Need Merchandise if they would like to.

Star of Wonder & Special Mentions

This Weeks Stars of Wonder

Year R 

George, Aaria & Nieve

Year 1

Tansy & Xanthe

Year 2

Theo, Jessie & Oscar

Year 3

Alexander, Sofia, Emilia & Ben

Year 4

Sonny, Austin & Alannah

Year 5

Harry, Poppy & Evelyn

Year 6

Amelli, Isla, James & Phoebe

Congratulations to all! 

Special Mention

Well done to this superstar for receiving awards recently in piano and running! We are always happy when our pupils have interests outside of school and that they are well-rounded individuals, so it’s great to see these two awards in different disciplines. Well done!!

This superstar competed at the South Region Zinc 8-9 Challenge Final. She was the silver medallist on both Beam and Floor and came 5th all around. Well done!

Reception Year News

What have we been learning about in Year R this week?

In Maths the children have been focusing on one more and one less. They have been singing songs to support their understanding of this. They have also been exploring the composition of number finding different ways we can make each number up to 5.

To introduce Augustus and his Smile the children discussed how the tiger looked and created their own tigers, which has created a lovely display in our classroom. The children have also been discussing how the tiger found his smile in the story and have been thinking about what makes them smile.

The children have also been practising to recognise and write their own name using the correct letter formation. Please could you practise this at home with your child using a capital letter for the beginning letter and lower case for the remaining letters in their name.

We would like to thank Georgia Northcote’s family for their kind donation of a storage basket. It has been well used to store our dressing up clothes. The children have been enjoying having the dressing up clothes out and role playing different characters.

To end the week the children discussed the importance of ‘Remembrance Day’ and why we buy poppies each year. The children have enjoyed buying poppy merchandise over the last few days and they also enjoyed making their own poppy craft.

Next week:

In Maths the children will be continuing their work on 1 more and 1 less and will also be practising to sequence numbers.

We will be continuing our work on Augustus and his Smile. We will be getting to know the story and acting out the different parts. We will also be looking at the different places that Augustus visits in the story and writing about our favourite one.

We will also be introducing this year’s nativity to the children and beginning to learn some of the songs.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year R team


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