Student Leadership

Student Leadership
Student Leadership is a valued and sought-after responsibility at The Priory. Pupils are given leadership responsibilities through teamwork as part of the curriculum.  In addition, there are many coveted leadership roles that students can apply for. Some of these roles are chosen by teachers, some have a presentation then election, some even have an interview process!
House Captains and Vice Captains (Y6)
These 6 students are the heads of their houses. Their job is to be role models for good behaviour, and to encourage their house colleagues in all aspects of school life, from good academic attitude to good teamwork in school events.
School Council (Y2-Y6)
These students are elected by their peers to represent their class’ opinions and ideas at meetings about making the school a better place.
Eco Council (Y2-Y6)Our Eco Councillors are passionate about nature and helping the environment. They want the school and the world to be a cleaner, greener place.

Sports Captains (Y6)

Our sports captains are responsible for encouraging their house at sports events, and keeping the sports equipment tidy.
Play Leaders (Y5-6)
These pupils lead play activities for other children at break and lunchtimes.
Junior Road Safety Officers (Y5-6)
These students are selected to raise awareness of road safety.