Upcoming Events

Monday 6th November

year 4 Trip to QMC 

8.50am- House Point Assembly
1-3pm Guitar Lessons with Adele
3.15pm-4.30pm Gol Football Club
3.15pm-4.15pm- Gardening Club
3.15pm-4.15pm- Christmas craft club (Foundation and KS1 only)
3.15-6pm-The Oaks after school club

Tuesday 7th November

1-3pm Guitar Lessons
3.15- 3.45- Drumming lessons
3.15-4.15pm YR3 Tag Ruby Club with Curveball coaching
3.15-4.15pm Gardening Club
3.15-6pm-The Oaks after school club

Wednesday 8th November

Year R NCMP and Vision Screenings (School Nursing Team in)

11am – Piano lessons
1pm- Flute lessons
3.30pm- 4.30pm- Drumming lessons
2.40pm- Singing Assembly
3.15-6pm—The Oaks after school club

Thursday 9th November

11am-3.15pm- Piano Lessons
3.20-4.20pm Drama club
3.20-4.15pm-Lego Club
3.20-4.15pm- Choir Club
3 .15-4.15pm Hockey with Curveball Coaching
3.15-6pm—The Oaks after school club

Friday 10th November

Nasal Flu Spray Vaccinations (School Nursing Team in) 

8.30-11am- Rocksteady
2.40 pm- Awards assembly
3.15-6pm—The Oaks after school club

Menu for w/c 6th November 2023


Tomato & Basil Pasta

Fish Cakes & Saute Potatoes



Flap Jack or Ice Cream or Fruit


Jacket Potato with Cheese and Beans

Beef Lasagne & Garlic Bread

Green Beans


Jelly or Grapes or Fruit


Cheese & Broccoli Slice

Roast Chicken with
Sage & Onion

Roast Potatoes
Roast Parsnips

Apple Crumble & Custard or Ice Cream or Fruit


Quorn Sausages

Sherfield Sausages

Roasted Pumpkin & Spinach Lasagne

Broccoli, Bakes Beans, Roll or Mash

Berry Fruits Sponge or Ice Cream or Fruit


Mexican Bean Wrap

Breaded Fish & Chips



Shortbread Biscuits or Fruit


Dear Parents and Carers

Eco initiative


Well done to Clemmie who requested to run an assembly to raise the awareness of Eco Bricks. These are bricks made from plastic bottles filled with other plastic waste, which are then compressed into bricks that can be used for building. These ecobricks can be used in any country, and Clemmie focused on how they are used in the African continent.

Clemmie and the Eco Council would like to do more with ecobricks, but first we need to decide whether we will make and use them at school, or send them to another country for use. Watch this space.

News from the Sports Desk…
It has been amazing to see so many children coming to our ‘Come & try’ netball sessions over the last few weeks – what an enthusiastic and sporty bunch we are at The Priory! With 28 fantastic children coming to the sessions, it was incredibly hard to whittle it down to just 10, but you can see our final squad below. They will be training hard for their first match on 23rd November.

Well done to this superstar for a fantastic haul of medals for a recent swimming competition! 

Her specialism is butterfly.

Coram Life Education

Thank you to Sarah from Coram Life Education for coming in this week (with Harold the Giraffe!) to teach the children some essential life skills. Please aks your child what they learned about with Sarah and Harold.

Thank you

Thank you to Embers Camping Company for donating lots of packs of cereal. We will pass these onto families who will appreciate them.

Golden Ties

Golden ties are very sought after and pupils are delighted when they have earned on in our awards assembly.

We seem to be running short of the elasticated golden ties, so if you have one at home, please could you pop it back into the school office. Thanks


World Science Day

Further to the notice in the newsletter just before half term, please note that Friday 10th November is World Science Day.

As well as learning about the United Nation’s Global Development Goals in classroom activities, the pupils will be able to purchase science-based toys and gadgets at a gadget shop. This shop will be open at break and lunch time and after school in the front playground.

All items will cost either £1 or £2 and pupils will be able to purchase more than 1 item. It will be cash only and all money should be brought into school on Friday


Forthcoming Events


Date Event
Tuesday 7th November Priory Open Day 2 -0 for Reception 2024 intake
Wednesday 8th November Year R Autumn-born NCMP measuring and vision screening test
Friday 10th November Nasal Flu Vaccinations for Whole School
Friday 10th November World Science Day – science gadget shop during and after school (children can buy gadgets for £1-2)



After- School Clubs 


We are pleased to let you know that two more clubs will be running after half term with coach Zack. The links to sign up for the clubs is as follows:

Multi-skills R-Y2 (Wednesday)
Dodgeball Y3-6 (Friday)
As always all of the booking links can also be found on the curveball coaching website;
Please see the following posters for more details.

House Points…





Safeguarding and Wellbeing

Talking to your child about ‘War and Conflict’

With the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas making news headlines  around the world, the likelihood of the child or young person in your care reading or hearing about it is increased. On the INEQE website there is a useful, shareable guide designed to help you support them around this difficult and sensitive topic.


Other helpful and reliable resources are available from both Save the Children and UNICEF



Star of Wonder & Special Mentions

This Weeks Stars of Wonder

Year R 

Freddie, Ese, Arthur & Elliott

Year 1

Oliver, Sabela, Matilda & Skye

Year 2

Charlotte, Charlotte, Mathilda & Tayana

Year 3

Dhyanam, Lewis, Grace & Olivia

Year 4

Jolie, Alice & Esmae

Year 5

Tilly, Cassidy, Mecca & Henri

Year 6

Max, Thulasi & Freya

Congratulations to all! 

Student Achievements

Well done to this superstar for a fantastic haul of medals for a recent swimming competition! 

Her specialism is butterfly.


Reception Year News

What have we been learning about in Year R this week?

The children were very excited to share their half term news and listen to what others had been doing during half term. Thank you to everyone that shared photos with us, which were also shared with the class. The children also completed some drawings and writing about their half term news.

In Maths the children have been learning to subitise with the numbers 4 and 5 (identifying when it shows 4/5 without needing to count). They have also been learning to represent the numbers in different ways. The children have used their fingers to show the numbers 4 and 5 in different ways. Ask your child at home and see if they can remember some different ways to make 4 and 5 with their fingers.

The children have completed the week talking about fireworks and thinking about how to stay safe around them. They have also been making some wonderful firework craft.

The children may have come home and told you that we have changed the classroom round a bit. However, we are lacking some storage for a couple of things and wondered if anyone had any spare tubs, like the ones in the photos, that we could have please. We are needing 2 if possible.

Next week:

In Maths the children will be focusing on 1 more/1 less than a number up to 5 and the children will also be looking at the composition of numbers up to 5. This is where the children become aware that all numbers are made up of smaller numbers and that these are referred to as ‘parts’. The children will be exploring different ways to partition a whole number up to 5 into 2 parts.

The children will be introduced to their new core text ‘Augustus and His Smile’. The children will be making their own tissue paper tigers and discussing what made Augustus smile and what makes them smile. They will also complete some writing linked to this.

As the weather is getting wetter the puddles have been increasing in size in our outside area and the children have been extremely excited to step in them! We have made the decision to ask for wellies to stay in school so that they can be used when it is wet outside. Please could you send your child in with a named pair of wellies. These will stay in school and be sent home at the end of each term. We do already have all in one waterproofs that the children can wear when it is really wet outside.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year R team


School Flu Vaccine Information

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