Year 5 Class

Year 5 is taught by Mrs Moody. During the course of the year, they visit The Winchester Science Museum to support their learning of their Space topic – the planetarium is a highlight of the year!  Other exciting events are a Greek Day where they learn about life in Ancient Greece; A spy day to support the learning of a core text: Stormbreaker; and a visit to The British Museum in London to explore the People of Benin and to see the Benin Bronzes.  The children enjoy designing and creating their own photo frames and seasonal soup in DT and printing their own pencil cases; making clay sculptures and collages in art.

The core texts read in year 5 tackle some mature topics such as organ transplants (Pig Heart Boy) and apartheid (Journey to Jo’burg) as well as adventure (Stormbreaker, Who Let the Gods Out and Tiger Tiger).  The class finish the year exploring a graphic novel (Tom’s Midnight Garden). These core texts encourage the children to analyse texts at a deeper level to consider authorial intent, character and setting descriptions and explore how dialogue is woven into narration.

In year 5, the children have new opportunities to grow and mature. For example, they have the opportunity to become play leaders and librarians.  They develop into more independent and responsible learners and enjoy stretching themselves to produce work they are proud of. 

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Whole School English – Core Texts Overview